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Compatible with: Somfy TaHoma, io-remotes and wallswitches

Somfy Plug IO is compatible with Somfy IO remotes, Somfy TaHoma and Somfy Connexoon IO

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Somfy Plug io Duo Pack

Somfy Plug io Duo Pack

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Somfy Plug io Duo Pack


Somfy Plug on/off io duo pack (F-type)

This compact designed plug makes your lights and small electric devices part of your light management system within your Somfy TaHoma or Somfy Connexoon io app. Check a device's status (on or off) while you are at home or away, so you are always fully aware wether a connected device is turned on or not. Easy and convenient!

Switch your lighting or small electric devices like a coffee machine or water cooker on or off using the TaHoma app, connexoon app or your preferred io-homecontrol remote or wallswitch. Using the TaHoma app or Connexoon app you are able to check and change the status (on or off) and you can enable presence simulation, using time-management, meaning you are able to scare off intrudors by switching lights on or off at a pre-set time. Easy and safe!

When you connect multiple plugs you can also control them as a group, switching everything on or off with one press of a button. The plug io easily connects to Somfy TaHoma and Connexoon io, all Somfy io remotes (Situo 1/5 io, Keytis 4 Home io and Keygo io) or wall mounted switches (Smoove io).

The plug io is compatible with Somfy TaHoma, Somfy Connexoon io and io-remotes or io-wallswitches Somfy Plug IO is compatible with Somfy IO remotes, Somfy TaHoma and Somfy Connexoon IO Reliable protocol

io 2-way radio technology offers long range with real-time feedback about the connected plug


Easy to install, easy to set up and easy to use!


The Somfy Plug io has a fresh and small design. The LED indicator around the power button indicates whether the device is on or off.

NOTE: Not compatible with Somfy Protect, Somfy Protexion or Somfy Connexoon RTS

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Technical Specifications Somfy ON / OFF Plug io:
  • Radio frequency: 868-870 MHz
  • Technology: io homecontrol
  • Compatible with TaHoma, Connexoon and all IO remotes/ wall switches
  • Power Supply: 230 V ~50 Hz, max. 8 A
  • Maximum power: Resistive load 1800 W, fluorescent lamp 200 W, LED 150 W, other 1800 W
  • IP20 (for indoor use)
  • Wireless operating distance 8m (2 concrete walls)
  • Dimensions: 45 x 77 mm (super compact!)
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 5 years