Oma ostoskori


What is TaHoma?

TaHoma is the smart home system from Somfy that helps you to control your home. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely control blinds, awnings, screens, lighting, security sensors, skylights and garage doors, etc. using TaHoma. All these products can be combined into scenarios that you can easily create and name according to your needs. A scenario can also be programmed to start automatically at a set time, for example, against a weekly schedule. You decide which units to be controlled, and how. If you want to control your blinds and other sun protection, you can add sunlight or temperature sensors and regulate them in order to create shade or improve the temperature indoors.

What is a scenario?
How does TaHoma work?
How do I control TaHoma?
Do I need to sign up for a specific internet supplier?
Can I use TaHoma to remotely control my RTS products?
Are io-home control® products from other vendors also compatible with TaHoma?
Is TaHoma box safe?
What happens to my personal information?
Where are my data?
Can I control my devices even if there is interruption in the Internet connection?
Who do I contact if Internet is down?
Can I continue to control my devices even if TaHoma is off line?
Can I install the TaHoma myself?
What is needed for me to be able to use TaHoma in my house?
How long does it take to install the TaHoma?
Is it possible to choose the time for a scenario exactly?
I can no longer see the programmed scenarios on the timeline, only one icon with three dots.